What If You Could Use Nootropics to Consistently Get in the Zone Without Side Effects and Burnout?

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“...he’s on the cutting edge without losing sight of the importance of longevity. He understands the science and potential of nootropics better than just about anybody…” - Kyle Eschenroeder

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Nootropics Are the Secret to the New World Economy

From: Mansal Denton
Austin, Texas

With driverless cars and robots taking over 38% of U.S. jobs in the next 15 years, how do we avoid being left behind? 

The new world economy rewards creativity and elite mental performance. If you are going to compete with the world’s smartest people and artificial intelligence in the coming years, you need a mental edge.

Nootropics will provide the mental edge.

If you’re groaning skeptically right now, I understand…

Most information you’ve heard about nootropics until now is a lie. 

They are lies told by supplement companies trying to sell you a “magic pill” that will purportedly make all your problems go away.

Perhaps you have wasted a ton of money on nootropics that didn’t work. Maybe you don’t know who to trust or are just tired of being burned out and addicted to caffeine and modafinil.

I get it. But your future rests on the ability to optimize your mental performance.

  • A Head Above will help you separate nootropics fact from fiction so you can feel confident optimizing your brain...
  • A Head Above will provide habits and rituals that enhance performance and create more fulfillment and sustainability over your lifetime...
  • A Head Above will unlock access to greater creativity, mental clarity, and concentration to be more successful and solve challenging problems…

But don’t take my word for it…

Colin Stuckert

CEO, Wild Foods

A Head Above helped me overcome my competition…”

Colin found marginal business successes in Fort Myers, Florida, but knew if he wanted to go to the next level he had to move.

Arriving in Austin, he was introduced to specific nootropics that provided him an insane work ethic, enhanced his creativity, but didn’t cause him to hate his life.

“Mansal is my go-to for all things nootropics and mental performance.”

Now Colin owns Wild Foods, which has nearly 200,000 customers, has 20 employees, and is worth millions of dollars. His mental edge got him there.

Mallory Jacks

Social Media Strategis

“A few nootropics have changed my life…”

Mallory struggled with anxiety and getting good sleep her whole life. This led to poor concentration and half a dozen high-powered prescription drugs that kept her in a fog for years.

When she finally decided she didn’t want prescription drugs anymore, it was challenging but the right move for her long-term health. Still, she struggled with the anxiety and sleep until she found nootropics.

With the right nootropics and lifestyle choices, she turned around her life, quit her job, and started living life on her own terms.

Indira Reddy, PhD

Research Scientist

Indira was born in Hyderabad, India where she was raised as a strict vegetarian.

After 50 years, she realized some components were missing in a vegetarian diet… and her brain was paying the consequences.

Once she found nootropics and understood how to use them properly, she made the health tweaks she needed to remove brain fog and gain clarity.

Now her whole family eats brain enhancing foods and supplements with nootropics to perform their best.

Why is it free?...

The book comes at no charge. All you have to do is cover the shipping and handling cost and I’ll send it to you immediately. This is what I get in return:

  • I get to see the influence I’m having. I’ll be honest, I have a folder on my desktop called “Encouragement That What I’m Doing Makes a Difference” where I capture screenshots of emails, comments, and videos of people appreciating my work. It feels good!
  • An opportunity to reach a wider audience. I already reach over 100,000 people on my website every month and thousands more on YouTube, but the more people have my book, the better.
  • Get something in your hands to build TRUST. One reason I love nootropics so much is because it’s a market filled with scam artists and snake oil salesmen. So much so, most people lack trust in the industry and I know that I need to win you over. Seeing that I’m a real person with an eagerness to help (rather than sell you something) is my goal.

Get it Quickly… but Without Anxiety

Part of my book is dedicated to helping remove anxiety from your life (so you can achieve more). The last thing I want to do is create MORE anxiety with this offer…

If you don’t love this book, I’ll return the $7.95 you paid for shipping and you can keep the book anyway. Don’t worry about sending it back. Just email or call and you’ll get your money back no questions asked.

There are only a few thousand copies so now you can purchase with the knowledge you can always get your $7.95 back.

With love,
Mansal Denton

Nootropic Productivity (Optimized Mind, LLC)